Since its foundation - dating back to seventies, naming as CTM - CTM Termodeco works successfully in the field of thermal and sound insulations, boasting collaborations with main energy, oil&gas, chemical, food and plant operators in Italy and Europe. CTM Termodeco works both in the realization of new plants and in the extension and modification of the existing ones. We also supply services of plant maintenance, both for ordinary activities and during the most complex shutdowns of plants, where quality is required in the activities carried out and short time and complex operational situations are needed. The great extent of our experience and our organisational structure enable us to face any needs of our customers, both for dimension and project complexity.

1 Thermal and sound insulations

CTM Termodeco provides services of design, supply and installation of thermal insulations (heat and cold) and sound insulations for any components of different industrial areas.
Our services are used in the realization of new plants, in restorations, during extensions and ordinary and extraordinary maintenances required in different units of production.

2 Flexible thermal insulations

CTM Termodeco designs, realizes and installs flexible insulations that can be reused for the insulation of complex surfaces that require constant accessibility and easy inspection.
For that reason, we have developed specific skills in realizing insulating systems for gas and steam turbines, valves, etc.

3 Insulations on naval and off-shore plants

CTM Termodeco supplies and installs insulations certified for being used in naval and offshore field. We collaborate with the main operators in Italian and international marketplace, by constantly developing our successful experience in the insulation of plants, installed on merchant ships, military units and off-shore plants.

4 Passive fire protections

CTM Termodeco realizes fire protections of structures and plants, by using certified materials of the main trademarks of this field. We also commercialize and install passive fire protections, both rigid and flexible, for groups valves/actuators, valves, instruments, electric boards, etc.