Off-shore and naval

CTM Termodeco can provide various services in naval and off-shore field. Those activities are supported by the experience developed with the main shipping and plant design companies, besides the collaboration with the main manufactures for the naval market.

1 Fitting-out

CTM Termodeco supplies and installs all necessary materials for the realization of fitting-outs of ships and off-shore platforms, among which we can suggest:

  • Wall panels, certifications B15 included
  • Cealings, certifications B15 included
  • Floating, resined and painted floors
  • Classified doors and sealed doors
  • Health box
  • Furniture

2 Prefabricated modules construction

CTM Termodeco designs and realizes prefabricated modules for easy realization of technical rooms, plant rooms, living quarter, temporary refuge on off-shore platforms or production plants. The modules can be completed with a broad range of solutions for the furniture and finishing of internal parts, health boxes, electric boards, air conditioning systems and whatever else would be necessary to satisfy the needs of the project.

3 Naval and off-shore insulations

CTM Termodeco supplies and installs all kinds of insulations required for naval applications and off-shore, necessary for the covering of bulkheads and decks, among which:

  • Thermal insulations
  • Insulations classified A0, A30 and A60
  • Sound insulations
  • Insulations of penetrations of pipings and plants

Moreover, CTM designs and realizes acoustic enclosures for the control of noisy equipments or plants.